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We Are Ryu Pa!

As seen in the logo on the main page, the illustration depicts a river flowing that becomes divided. This is the literal description of the Ryu Pa image. As we see the river starts at the mother tree or headwaters of the river and flows forward. This is showing the fundamental core essence of Tang Soo Do as it travels downstream.

It is influence by the rich soils of the banks it travels through (the various Grandmasters that have added their knowledge). Through true Ryu Pa the core essence remains the same, but new material may be incorporated into its mighty flow by masters who have added their input and what worked well for them to the goal that they aspired to gain.

Great Grandmaster Hwang Kee stated it best when he described Tang Soo Do as a “living art”. However, a warning here is appropriate, all the respected Grandmasters understand this cannot be done until a good grasp of the core Tang Soo Do principles have been reached.

As with any robust river, over time it evolves (changes) its path and contents as it flows through time with each rock and soil adding to its volume. Although the same river it has adapted. Our Federation and schools understand the need to embrace and build on the core principles, but as the modern world around us changes, we as good martial artists must evolve to continue to seek perfection in our philosophies, training and approach to the world we live in.  I hope to leave my mark on this river as will masters under me when I am no longer here.

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